Marriott Promotion 2022: 50% Extra Bonus

By Gavin | October 10, 2022

Marriott Hotels & Resorts is launching its 4th points sale promotion for 2022. You can earn an additional 50% bonus during the promotion period when you purchase Marriott Travelers points through the website.

Get closer to your next vacation with a 50% bonus on purchases of 2,000 or more points October 6 - 13.

This is a lightning sale, and the extra 50% bonus is the lowest price of the regular sale, so get it now if you need it.


Official website address:

Promotion Period: Until 2022-10-14 11:59:59

Cost of buying points and redemption cost

The annual purchase limit for each account is 100,000 points (before rewards), and you can get an extra 50% bonus when you buy 2,000 points or more.

You can get an additional 50,000 bonus points when you buy 100,000 points for 150,000 points for $1,250.

Cost to buy points: $1,250 ÷ 150,000 points × 1,000 ≈ $8.3/thousand points

Marriott has implemented a dynamic points redemption policy, so you must calculate the cost of buying points for redemption based on the points on a specific date. If the redemption cost is lower than the cash price, it becomes profitable to purchase points for redemption.

Why buy Marriott points for free rooms

First, there are some benefits to redeeming points for a room as follows.

  • No tax and service fees

  • Free cancellation (usually can be canceled one day in advance and points returned in the same way)

  • Premium membership benefits remain in effect and can accumulate room nights.

  • Stay 4, get 1 free, i.e., redeem 5 nights for only 4 nights of points (redeem points for 5 consecutive nights and enjoy one night free)

In addition to the above benefits, one of the essential purposes of buying room points is to save money!

Because Marriott has some hotels, sometimes the cost of buying points for redemption is lower than that of a paid reservation, and some hotels are even half the price.

What are the best hotels to buy points for?

As mentioned earlier, because Marriott has implemented a dynamic points policy, the points may vary from date to date, even for the same hotel. Sometimes, it is cost-effective and may become uneconomical, so you must explore it yourself.

Usually, good value-for-money hotels are mainly found in cheap low-end hotels or expensive high-end hotels, especially luxury hotels in international resorts.

HotelProgramz reminds you that

  1. You can only buy points if you have been a member of Marriott Travel Plus for more than 30 days.

  2. The points are valid for 24 months after purchase. Any change in the number of points (increase/decrease) will automatically extend the validity period by 24 months.

  3. Points will be credited within 72 hours after purchase.

  4. If you need to purchase more points than the maximum number of points you can buy in one account. You can register multiple accounts with your family members' information to buy points and then aggregate them into one statement by transferring them. Each account can move up to 100,000 points and receive up to 500,000 points per year.

  5. Using points to redeem free rooms is effortless, so if you are unfamiliar with it, you can refer to this article.

  6. Marriott's points sales service is provided through our partner

History of Marriott's points sales promotion

Start DateEnd DateRewards / DiscountsPrice of points
2022-8-112022-9-1625% Discounts$10 USD/1000 points
2022-6-12022-7-1655% Discounts$8.1 USD/1000 points
2022-2-152022-4-450% Discounts$7.5 USD/1000 points
2021-11-42021-12-945% Discounts$8.6 USD/1000 points
2021-10-72021-10-1555% Discounts$8.1 USD/1000 points
2021-8-122021-9-2650% Discounts$8.3 USD/1000 points
2021-5-132021-6-2130% Discounts$8.8 USD/1000 points
2021-2-162021-3-2350% Discounts$8.3 USD/1000 points
2020-11-262020-12-2350% Discounts$8.3 USD/1000 points
2020-11-192020-11-2660% Discounts$7.8 USD/1000 points