Hilton Hotels Unofficial Brand Guide 2023

By Gavin | August 12, 2023

Today we are going to break down the 2023 official guide of Hilton Hotels and Resorts. In this short video we are going to discuss the history of Hilton, along with discussing what properties they have around the world as of 2023. So let's go ahead and jump right into it with the history of Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

The History of Hilton Hotels

In 1919, Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in Cisco, Texas, and then in 1925 he opened the first Hilton Hotel in Dallas. In 1946 Hilton Hotels is corporately listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and then in 1949 the Caribe Hilton opens the first American hotel outside the United States. In 1954 Hilton buys the Statler Hotel company for $11 million dollars, and then in 1967 Hilton International is sold.


The first Hampton Inn would then open in Memphis, Tennessee in 1984;. In 1987, the Hilton Honors loyalty program is introduced, the same loyalty program that Hilton uses to this day. In 1991 Hilton launched two new companies, both the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hilton Grand Vacations company. 1997) Doubletree merged with the promise hotel Corporation and then in 1999 Hilton purchased that promise hotel corporation, which included the Hampton Inn, Doubletree Homewood Suites and Embassy Suites.

In 2006, Hilton Hotels Corporation reacquires Hilton International and then, in 2007, Hilton is acquired by Blackstone, one of the largest financial firms in the country, and Christopher J. Nasetta is appointed as president and CEO. In 2019, Hilton moved their global headquarters to McLean, Texas, creating a global corporate entry and launched home two suites.

True by Hilton Hotel Brands

And finally, in 2016, True by Hilton is established, bringing us our most recently established hotel brand for the company. Speaking of those brands, let's go ahead and break those down here by category. Throughout this slide, I will go through each property one by one. So right now I just want to explain what the different levels of Hilton Hotel are, and those include luxury hotels, upper-upscale hotels, upscale hotels, upper- mid-scale hotels, generally something similar to a Holiday Inn or one of the many other IHG hotels at that level, mid-scale hotels. and finally, time shares. What you see along the bottom are the brand codes that are used in all global distribution system for the Hilton Brands, something you really only need to understand if you're a travel agent, but there they are if you need them.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

For the Hilton Hotels Corporation, number one would be the Waldorf Astoria, very, very well known as one of the best luxury brands in the country. They have a fresh, modern expression of rich, authentic legacy and provide guests with an exceptional environment and true Waldorf service that creates unpredictable experiences.

There are currently 32 hotels and resorts under the Waldorf Astoria name, and those 32 hotels are spread among 16 countries and territories. The next one down would be one of the newer brands for Hilton, Lxr, Hotels and Resorts. They're usually in the world's most exciting locations and they really immerse you in profound travel experiences. There are currently only nine of these hotels in seven different countries and territories. Next would be the Conrad Hotels and Resorts, named after the company's founder, Conrad Hilton. These hotels are just smart luxury.

They offer a world of infinite connections, intuitive services and inspired experiences with their guest journeys, and they're really the destination for a new generation of smart luxury travelers, specifically business travelers. These include 44 Hotels and Resorts under the Conrad by Hilton name and 22 countries and territories. and finally, Signia by Hilton is a new portfolio of premier hotels in highly sought-after Urban and Resort destinations. They're commonly known for their world-class design and state-of-the-art technology and signature food and beverage experiences. There are currently only two signia hotels in one country and territory, which is the United States. Moving on to the next category is the upper-upscale hotels.

The first upper-upscale hotel we will discuss today is canopy by Hilton. This hotel is one that creates a positive stay with simple guest-directed service and thoughtful local choices. The biggest competitor to canopy by Hilton in the largest hotel brand in the world, Marriott, would be similar to the AC hotel by Marriott. There are currently 37 hotels under this brand in 10 countries and territories. The next brand we are going to look at is the Hilton Hotels and Resorts, the namesake hotel for the company. uh, there 601 hotels and resorts currently across 95 countries and territories. And when you think of hotel, Hilton is the name that you really think of for inaugural balls and Hollywood award galles to business events and days to remember.

Hilton really does have it all for you. It's their Flagship brand, it sets the standard for the rest of their hotels, and it's just one that you know. You are always going to have a similar experience in all right. So moving on, next, we have the curio collection by Hilton. These hotels are generally smaller boutique hotels that are independent and remarkable, and their characteristics don't really fit with any other brand. There's currently 133 hotels and resorts under the curio collection name in 34 countries and territories. One of the most well known may be the Union Station Hotel in St Louis, Missouri, which is in a historic train station.

Hilton Hotel - The Embassy Suites

Next would be probably what is my favorite brand under the Hilton name is, that is, the Embassy Suites. They define upper-upscale, all-uite category hotel with its mix of two-room and studio suites. Most of the Embassy Suites that I have been to are those two room suites, and it's really nice to have that division. But even the Studio suites are very nice.

Also, they have a free made-to-order breakfast and a complimentary evening reception every night, and just a lot more space than most other hotels. currently there are 26.1 Embassy Suites in five different countries and territories. Moving on at our next level, we are going to move into the upscale hotel brand with Hilton starting with the Doubletree by Hilton. These are going to be very similar to Hilton Hotels, but one thing that's going to be very different is when you check in, you get that signature Doubletree warm chocolate chip cookie.

It is extremely delicious and they just want to make sure you're taken care of and your stay is as comfortable as possible, and they again focus on giving you a consistent experience throughout all the double trees in the country. There are currently 649 hotels and resorts under the Doubletree name in 51 countries and territories. After that, we'll move on to the tapestry collection by Hilton. The tapestry collection is a gathering of unique hotels chosen because of a commitment to weaving their own story.

They're really meant for the traveler who does not want their experience to be the same, and a lot of these hotels are going to be more unique and very focused on their area. There are currently 90% hotels under this brand in 12 different countries and territories. Moving on to our other two upscale Hilton-branded hotels are the Hilton Garden Inn. Hilton Garden Inn is the laidback, sophisticated brand offering help, fart, serve- excuse me--the laidback, sophisticated brand offering heartfelt service and award-winning amenities.

I would say a Hilton Garden Inn is basically an elevated Hampton Inn that's a little more focused on travelers who are experienced. 960 hotels currently use the Hilton Garden and name in 56 different countries and territories. And finally, in the upscale brand we have the Homewood Suites by Hilton. The Homewood Suites is the upscale version of a residential style hotel which will have some sort of kitchenette in your room. It really focuses on that long-term guest. Many business travelers love this because Homewood Suites by Hilton is one of the few brands that, although one that has a kitchenette, you will generally receive a free breakfast or some sort of on-the-go breakfast when you stay at one. There are 533 hotels currently using this brand name in four different countries and territories. Let's go ahead and move on to Upper mid-scale and Upper mid-scale. Hotels by Hilton are what I really think are the family Burtons of Hilton.

If you're traveling with kids, these are the places to go. The first one is going to be something that is very new to Hilton, and that is Motto by Hilton. It's their new micro-hotel with an urban vibe in Prime Global locations, allowing people to have their own experiences. It's a reasonable, reasonably priced comparison to traditional lodging, provides a one-of-a-kind experience, but at the same time it's there for you to be able to have a bed and have somewhere to go, but really experience the area around that property. There are currently only three hotels under this name in one country and territory. Next would be Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton, probably the second most known brand,besides the actual Hilton Hotels. They have the 100% Hampton Guarantee, which is guaranteeing to provide an exceptional guest experience with consistent, high quality accommodation, and amenities, and they're currently 28.39 of these hotels in 35 countries and territories.

Mid-Scale Hotels - Home2 Suites

They are generally very budget friendly. They do have a great free breakfast and it's just a nice place to stay if budget is in mind.

And finally, in the upper mid scale category, we have the newer of Home2 Suites. Hometales 2 Suites is a fresh take on the mid-scale, all-uite hotel targeted to the value conscious, long-stay traveler. Often these hotels will have two queen beds, addition to a pull-out sofa, so you can have three queen-size beds, essentially in the same room, and that pull-out sofa will have a curtain that you can pull around it. Home2 Suites are pet friendly and ecofriendly, and do include free breakfast and laundry and fitness centers. If you're going to be traveling with family and staying somewhere for longer than a few nights, home to Suites is the way to go within the Hilton brand. finally, our last two categories.

We will start with mid-scale and the True by Hilton. True by Hilton is very focused on a value conscious traveler and a brand that is very much focused atMillennials in Gen Z, often in the lobbys of these hotels. In addition to the free breakfast, you'll find pool tables, ping-pong tables, and a lot of local snack options.

Hilton Grand Vacations

There are currently 227 hotels under this name in three countries and territories, and our final category with Hilton is the time shares at Hilton Grand Vacations. These are operated somewhat differently than the rest of the hotels, as they're not a traditional hotel and they are a time share. The most common ones you may have heard of would be something like Alara at Las Vegas, or possibly one of the resorts in Orlando, Florida, obviously with time shares.

These are vacation clubs where you are able to purchase the timeshare and then share your time, as the name would suggest, and it does offer you the Comforts of Home, with amenities tailored to each destination, and it's just kind of having a condo away from your house. There are currently 73 properties under the Hilton Grand Vacations brand in seven countries and territories.

Hilton Honors - A Deep Dive

And finally, we will take a look at Hilton Honors. If you want a deep dive into the Hilton Honors loyalty program, there is another video on our channel breaking down the different levels and everything that they include. There's also another video breaking down the Hilton Hunter's American Express Cards, where we go into a deep dive about which card has which benefits and what each card will cost you. 

I'm not going over this full chart at this time, since we have that additional Hilton Honors video, but I will mention that all Hilton Honors members are guaranteed a member discount able to earn points towards free nights, do not pay any resort fees on reward stays, are able to use the digital key and digital check-in and choose their room right from the Hilton Honors app. include in-room and lobby Wi-Fi service. Your second guest will stay free. You are welcome to a late checkout if it is available, and there's a free transfer of points and points pooling with other Hilton honors members.

Additional benefits are available as you gain additional levels, and once again, if you'd like more information on this, please watch that other video on our channel. I want to thank you guys for watching this video. Hope it was a good breakdown of Hilton Hotels and Resorts and what the different brands offer. If you like videos like this, please subscribe to our channel and give this video a thumb up. If you have any questions about Tilton or any other hotel brand, feel free to leave a comment below, and we will respond to you soon as we can. thank you guys, for watching. enjoy the rest of your day and we'll see you on.


In 1919, Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in Cisco, Texas. In 1925 he opened the first Hilton Hotel in Dallas. In 1946 Hilton Hotels is corporately listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1949, the Caribe Hilton opens the first American hotel outside the United States. In 1987, the Hilton Honors loyalty program is introduced. In 1991 Hilton launched two new companies, both the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hilton Grand Vacations company.

In 1999 Hilton purchased that promise hotel corporation, which included the Hampton Inn, Doubletree Homewood Suites and Embassy Suites. In 2006, Hilton is acquired by Blackstone, one of the largest financial firms in the country. In 2019, Hilton moved global headquarters to McLean, Texas, creating a global corporate entry and launched home two suites.