2022 Marriott Flexible Point Redemption Rates Program

Marriott will officially implement a flexible point redemption on March 29, 2022. The flexible point redemption means hotels no longer differentiate between categories.

Marriott's Dynamic Redemption Policy: Unraveled

What questions do you have regarding Marriott's planned flexible point redemption program?

Do you wonder how staying at hotels will be affected by this change?

Discover the solutions as we explore the nuances of Marriott's dynamic redemption system and how it may affect your next travels in this in-depth guide.

Marriott will officially implement a flexible point redemption policy on March 29, 2022.

In October 2021, Marriott announced that it would implement the flexible point redemption policy in March 2022, and the specific date was finally implemented shortly before, which is March 29 this year.

The flexible point redemption policy means hotels will no longer differentiate between categories. And it will no longer fix redemption points. Still, they will fluctuate up and down based on different dates of stay, with the specific daily redemption points being dynamically scheduled by Marriott's central system.


The policy change is also explained in detail on the help page of Marriott's website.


The main elements of Marriott's flexible point redemption policy include

  • The flexible point Redemption Policy will go into effect on 2022-3-29.

  • After implementing the new policy, all hotel pages will no longer display redemption levels.

  • For 2022 stays, 97% of hotels will still have redemption points that fluctuate between the off-peak and peak periods of the current redemption chart.

  • For the remaining 3% of hotels, points will go beyond the redemption table but will be capped at 5k, 10k, 20k, and 30k increases, respectively.

  • Beginning in 2023, points redemptions will be completely dynamic and no longer be limited by the current redemption table.


This year, 97% of Marriott hotel points will still fluctuate between low and high seasons for the corresponding tier and will only become genuinely ineffective starting in 2023.

For example, in a current Cat1 hotel, an off-peak score of 5,000 and a peak score of 10,000 will fluctuate between 5,000 and 10,000 after March 29.

And 3% (217) of the hotels will exceed the original score limit (peak period), but the increase is specified in 4 levels this year, which are 5,000 points, 10,000 points, 20,000 points, and 30,000 points increase.


Flexible point redemption means that the hotel's redemption points are more closely aligned with the cash price, and what will redeem, the more expensive the cash price, the more points.

In the past, cash prices increased significantly, especially during peak travel seasons, which could still redeem points to achieve low-cost stays due to the fixed points. After the new policy, this situation must be less and less.

Starting with Hilton, then IHG, and now Marriott, all have implemented a flexible point redemption policy. 

The remaining Hyatt has also implemented a low-season policy and will follow the evil path of flexible points soon. Frequent flyer points devaluation is already the trend.

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