Thrive at Hilton: Go Hilton

By Gavin | August 12, 2023

Benefits Hilton offers our team members. One of our most beloved is Joe Hilton. The program gives access to deeply discounted stays at nef Hilton's $7 000 hotels and resorts worldwide.

Go Hilton - One Hotel Stay at a Time

Through go- Hilton, we can take lifechanging trips that otherwise may have been out of reach. It lets us make incredible memories, meet fellow team members from around the world, and even help others in times of hardship.


For Jason Go Hilton made possible a honeymoon in Paradise at the Conrad Maldives and Golly Island, and Sylvia was able to achieve her childhood dream of visiting New York City all the way from Poland. But go Hilton is so much more than access to low-cost vacations. Our team members also run on this benefit to support the ones they love, like Sandra, who shared her go-hi-fi, Hilton discount with a friend, whose husband was in critical care hours from home.

And Megan, his mother-in-law, was able to meet her newborn grandchild for the very first time, because of go- Hilton. And that's not all. Every time someone books a room through go- Hilton, an extra one dollar per night is collected to support Hilton's team member assistance fund and our Hilton Global Foundation.

Go Hilton is yet another way our team members are making a difference, helping one another in their communities and further spreading the light and warmth of hospitality. One hotel stay at a time, all of life's moments. Go Hilton helps team members and their family and friends create unpredictable travel memories. So where will go Hilton take you?


Go Hilton is a program that gives Hilton team members access to discounted stays at Hilton Hotels. The program also helps team members make lifechanging trips. Go Hilton is yet another way Hilton team are making a difference. The Hilton Global Foundation also supports team members in their communities. Go to Go for more information.