The Ultimate Guide to Finding Last Minute Hotel Deals Without Breaking the Bank

By Gavin | June 09, 2023

Booking a last-minute trip can be fun and exciting, but finding a good deal at a hotel so near your stay can be a challenge. This is Katie from, and today we share how to find last-minute cheap hotels. Looking for more travel tips? Make sure to hit subscribe and ring that notification bell. So, you have decided on your destination and now you are trying to decide where to stay. The first thing you need to decide is the best neighborhood for you. Do you want to be in the city center or slightly further away? As a general rule of thumb, not being in the city center and staying a little bit further away from the main attractions is, of course, going to save you money, but it is also worth checking out if your destination has a good area for restaurants or nightlife and an area known for its shopping depending on what you are looking for.


Tips for Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Your Chosen Destination

About your chosen destination, decide which neighborhood is best for you. If you are on a budget, you may even find a neighborhood that is ideal for budget travelers. For example, in Bangkok, shoppers should stay near Sucking Bit Road, backpackers should head to Kosan Road, and food lovers should stay near Chinatown. So once you have decided on the area or neighborhood that you are going to stay in, you now need to compare hotels. We recommend using a hotel comparison website like and Booking in the Americas or Europe, or Agoda for Asia travels. We are going to continue using Bangkok as an example, but if I have chosen my neighborhood, I can then browse hotels and compare the different prices, as well as sort them by reviews and price. This gives you a better idea of the best hotel for you and your budget.

Make sure to make a note of at least four or five hotels that you like the sound of that are in your budget. So, you've chosen your destination, your neighborhood, and some hotels that you like the look of. Now, let's save some money. So, we're gonna find the best prices. Firstly, make a note of those prices on Agoda and and compare them across both sites. Then, check out Expedia. We find when booking a last-minute deal, Expedia can offer some really good deals. Check out their last-minute Deals tab for great rates on many hotels. Then, especially if you are visiting places in Asia, speak directly to the hotel. So, you could either check out the hotel website to see if they have any deals which are happening more and more now that countries are trying to bounce back into tourism, but you could also contact people directly on social media. Sometimes you can get a good deal.


Saving Money on Last-Minute Hotel Bookings

With them, or a good package, or just a better price than the comparison websites. If you plan on visiting and staying in a bigger chain such as Marriott or Hilton, you can download the hotel app and accumulate points that can be used on hotel bookings. Plus, you can often get room selection preferences too. You will, of course, have to build up the points to be able to use them in the future, but if you travel a lot, this can be a great way to save some money. Now, whilst we are looking for the best prices, another thing to do is to check across multiple websites. Hotel tonight and both offer great deals, especially when booking just a few days before you show up. You could also check out which is literally made for last-minute hotel bookings, but it's predominantly for hotels based in the UK. Another way to save money on last-minute accommodation is to use secret deals. Some websites.

Such as Hotwire and, which offer secret hotel deal or hot rates deal. This is a way that hotels fill their rooms, but you could also get great deals by doing just this. Alternatively, you could use Priceline. Now, Priceline is a unique hotel booking website that is worth a try. Once you have added your dates and location, you can click price breaker, and they will group three hotels together, like four-star hotels with pools or hotels with free parking. You choose the groups you are most interested in, and they will randomly pick your hotel. This is an interesting way to book hotels, especially if you do not mind specifically the hotel that you are staying in, but it also means that you can get discounted room rates. Also, don't forget coupons. Many of us have heard of Groupon and for good reason. Most countries will have some type of website similar to this. We will leave some of our favorite links in the description below.

You can find package deals, cheap hotels, and full holiday packages for a lot cheaper than you would usually pay. We will leave all of the links that we have mentioned in this video in the description below. Watch this video to find out ways to save money when you travel. Then, to learn about the 25 things to do before you travel, watch this video. Wherever your last-minute trip is, we hope you have an incredible time and stay creative.


Finding a good deal at a last-minute hotel can be challenging, but with the right tips and tools, it is possible. Start by deciding on the best neighborhood for your needs and preferences, and then use hotel comparison websites to compare prices and reviews. Don't forget to also consider factors such as nearby restaurants, nightlife, and shopping options. With a little research and flexibility, you can score a great last-minute hotel deal and enjoy your spontaneous trip even more.