Marriott 2022 Q3-Q4 Program: Up To 4,000 Bonus Points Per Stay

By Gavin | September 14, 2022

Marriott 2022 Q3-Q4 Program: Up to 4,000 bonus points per stay from this article review.

The proud Marriott did not launch the Q2 campaign this year as in previous years, and the Q3 movement has only arrived today. According to the duration of the event, this should be considered a Q3 and Q4 program.


The campaign is simple: 2,000 bonus points per stay, starting with the second stay during the campaign period. Marriott co-branded credit card holders can earn an additional 2,000 bonus points for each stay with a different brand, starting with the second brand.

Marriott 2022 Q3-Q4 Program Notes

To be eligible for the additional 2,000 bonus points for stays at different brands, you must be a Marriott co-branded credit card holder to qualify for this promotion.

Also, points rooms cannot be activated and must be paid for.

The campaign is per stay, which makes it more suitable for lower-priced hotels where you can earn multiple rewards by cutting your visit if necessary.