Hilton's 18 Hotel Brands to Explained

By Gavin | August 10, 2023

Luxury Hotels by Hilton - Waldorf Astoria

Hilton has 18 different hotel brands in total, and the most luxurious is Waldorf, Astoria, which is famous for its over-the-top extravagant luxury. That can be seen in everything from the design of the rooms to the house car service that can take you anywhere near the hotel.

Waldorf astorias almost always have impeccable interiors, incredible pool and spa facilities, and a bar known as Peacock Alley, and they tend to be found in popular, world-class destinations like Amsterdam, Los Cabos and Mexico and the Maldives. personally, I've stayed at three Waldorf astoria properties so far: the Waldorf Astoria, one in Dubai (difc), the one in Bangkok, and the one in the Maldives, which is simply an incredible property all around, and I can't wait to check out more Waldorf Astorias around the world in the future.

But if you aren't so much into that poseh vibe then conrad hotels aim to offer a smart, luxury guest experience which is supposed to be a modern take on the whole luxury hotel thing. The Conrads in New York City, for example, both Midtown Conrad Hotels and downtown, are very popular properties for staying in the big apple at a reasonable price, and should also make sure to check out Conrad's in Ozaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bali, as well as they've received rave reviews as some of the best Conrads in Asia.


And plus, if you're not about to shell out the huge cash or points premium for the Waldorf-Australia Maldives, then the Conrad Maldives is a very reasonable luxury Conrad Maldives- Rangall Island option, as well, and they've got an underwater restaurant for you to check out now. This last group of luxury hotels by hilton is a rather unique set. It's a small collection of independent hotels that aim to create unforgettable experiences in once-in-a-lifetime destinations, and there's actually only nine lxr hotels around the world, and I'm staying at one right now.

I'm at the susona bodrum here in turkey, and might i say there's just something very special about the place. There's beautiful sunset views from the balcony, direct access to the ocean from the jetty, and a really nice infinity pool right by the breakfast restaurant where i had a massive Turkish breakfast this morning. This is my first time staying with lxr and I can say I'm already very impressed and I'm looking forward to checking out more properties like the Zemi beach house in Anguilla, Mani house in the Seychelles, the Biltmore Flower in London and the Great Alhabtor Palace in Dubai.

Now all these luxury properties will typically have the widest range of amenities, the most opulent room design, a whole bunch of fine dining restaurants, and the highest price tags to match.

Hilton Hotels - Curio Collection

Moving on now to the slightly less-affluent hotel properties, under hilton we've got the mid-range full-service brands and we'll start with the curio collection. As hilton puts it, curio collection is a series of independent, remarkable hotels, whose only unifying characteristic is their glorious individuality. Now that's a lot of mumbojumbo, but basically what it means is that these are boutique hotels with a lot of individual flavor.

Now I've actually yet to stay at a curio collection property, but in my mind i tend to compare it to autograph collection by Marriott. There's actually Vogue Hotel Montreal, Curio Collection, a Vogue hotel in Montreal that will be opening soon after renovations. That's a curio collection property that I'd love to check out once it's open for bookings again. Now, kind of similar to curio collection and almost mixing in a little bit, are two relatively new hilton brands called Tempo and canopy.

Hilton Hotels and Doubletree by Hilton

These brands have a focus on dynamic public spaces and wellness, and they, Tempo by Hilton, tend to have an emphasis on fitness facilities and programs. Now I haven't stayed at temple or canopy hotels yet, but there's new canopy hotel opening in Toronto in the yorkville region, and it's designed by canada's famous studio, Canopy by Hilton Toronto, Yorkville munch, which also designed the Jw Marriott Park vancouver and the park Hyatt Toronto.

So I'm really interested in checking out this canopy property once it's open. Next, there's probably the most famous brand of them all: the simple and basic hilton hotels brand. These are the fairly consistent full-service hotels that you can find all around the world, catering to a mix of business and leisure travelers.

They tend to have pretty uniform facilities, like rooms and Hilton Hotels, suites that are perfectly serviceable but won't blow you away, indoor, outdoor pool facilities and a bunch of meeting rooms, and my favorite hilton hotel around the world so far is probably the one in Queenstown, New Zealand, which has Hilton Queenstown, some amazing lakeside views and relaxation facilities.

I've also stayed at many other hiltons around the world thanks to their large footprint from warsaw, Poland, to whistler, British columbia. Now another fairly similar set of hotels that's probably more leisure-oriented is Doubletree by hilton, known for their friendly service and their signature chocolate chip cookie upon arrival. That's right.

When you stay at a doubletree, you'll be treated to a chocolate chip cookie upon arrival as your welcome amenity, and I think that's a great way for doubletree to build that brand loyalty among guests each time they stay. I've only ever stayed at one doubletree property. It was the chateau on the park in Christchurch, New Zealand Chateau on the park, Christchurch, a doubletree by Hilton.

I had a pretty good stay, with a good breakfast and quite a few drinks at the bar in the evening, although I will say that the interiors of the hotel reminded me a little too much of a retirement home. Now, speaking of hiltons and double trees, you should definitely check out the locations in Toronto.

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Hilton Hotel Brands For Longer Stays

Now all of the hilton hotel brands that we've talked about so far are good for a short visit to a destination where you aren't staying for too long. But what if you wanted to enjoy a more extended stay of, let's say, a couple of weeks when you're traveling before moving on to your next destination? 

The best hilton brands to pick for these types of trips are Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites, and Home 2 Suites. These are what's known as long-term brands, which have more Homewood Suites space, apartment-like amenities and extra touches like made-to-order breakfast and pet friendly policies, and they're ideal for someone who wants to stay at a hotel as a home base for a longer period at a reasonable price point for the entire stay.


Now, if price is your number one concern when choosing which hotel to stay at, fear not. Hilton also has a wide range of cheap, budget-friendly accommodations to pick from, but just keep in mind that as limited service hotels, these properties will have a lot less amenities like spas, room service, and restaurants.

Hampton by Hilton Hampton Offers Free Breakfast

With almost 3 000 locations around the world, Hampton by Hilton offers accommodations almost everywhere, from big cities like chicago to smaller locales like medicine, Hat alberta. You'll find a hook pretty much everywhere you look. and, best of all, Hampton by Hilton Hampton offers free breakfast to all guests, no matter what your hilton elite status. I haven't stayed at a Hampton by hilton yet, but someday I probably will maybe an airport hotel somewhere around the world, and I look forward to checking out the free breakfast when I do now.

Prince of Travel - Traveling the World Better

guess what else is free for everyone? Our YouTube content here on prince of travel to help you travel the world better. If you've been enjoying this video so far, then make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss future videos that can help you raise your travel game. Now, moving back to another midscale property with hundreds of locations around North America, that's right.

Hilton Garden Inn - The Hilton Garden Inn

This is the hilton garden inn. Hilton Garden Inns offer a culinary first take on the Hilton Garden Inn accommodation experience while prices low, with restaurants serving to order breakfast and bars serving handcrafted cocktails. You can find hilton garden inns in many major cities around the world, and even though I've yet to stay at one, I have a feeling I'll find the hilton garden inn punching above its weight when I do now for a bit of a more vibrant, modern and youthful feel.

Hilton Brands That Stand True and Motto

There's two hilton brands that stand true and motto. These hotels embrace a rather simplistic design with just the "bare essentials" in the rooms and public areas, and they're very much geared towardsmillennials, whom I guess Motto by Hilton Hilton believes doesn't need much from their accommodations and they just like somewhere reasonably priced.

That's also a little hip and happening. To hang out, the price point is probably the main attraction to staying at one of these places. And again, though I'm new to these brands, I'll probably check out the true by hilton and yarmouth, the next Tru by Hilton Sydney time I'm in Nova Scotia. The next new hilton brand is Signia by hilton, which is oriented towards meeting professionals and business travelers. There's currently three locations in San Jose, Atlanta and Orlando, and I can't really see myself staying at Insignia in the future, although if I do, it'll probably be more about convenience than comfort.

Tapestry Collection Hotels

Now, if you're a cost conscious traveler, but these rather basic everyday cookie cutter properties aren't so appealing to you, then you'll definitely want to look out for the tapestry collection by hilton. Similar to the curio collection, these are also boutique, independent hotels with a unique footprint, with no two being the same.

The difference here.Tapesty collection hotels usually have more favorable pricing while retaining some of the charm and flair that a curio collection hotel can bring. I've only stayed at one tapestry collection hotel so far. That's the Westley Hotel in Calgary, which i'm the Westley Calgary Tapestry Collection, thought was actually very strong in terms of value for money, especially if you're a hilton diamond member, and you can get an upgrade to the One-bedroom revel suite as the hotel's top-tier suite.

Hilton Grand Vacations - How to Stay at Hilton Grand Vacations for Free

and last but not least, there's hilton grand vacations. As the name implies, these are extended, long-term state timeshare properties that you'll only be interested in if that's part of your travel lifestyle. Hilton grand vacations properties almost always have Hilton Grand Vacation Properties - large multiroom suites along with kitchens, and you can typically find them in popular vacations like Hawaii, Ozarko or Park City.

I've never stayed at one, but our family travel writer at Prince of Travel Amy has recently stayed at the hilton grand vacations in Hawaii, and she's got an article that you can check out in the description below that shows you the review and a few hacks for booking these types of timeshare properties at a steep, steep discount through timeshare presentations. And that's it. These are all the major hotel brands by hilton. Now that you know all about hilton's hotel brands, go and check out this video on screen right now to find out how you can maximize the hilton honors loyalty program and hilton elite status to stay at places like this, the susona, bowdrum and lxr hotel for free, and get incredible benefits while you do so.


Hilton has 18 different hotel brands, the most luxurious of which is Waldorf Astoria. The Conrad brand is a modern take on the whole luxury hotel thing. Curio collection is a small collection of independent hotels that aim to create unforgettable experiences. Tempo and canopy are two relatively new hilton brands. The Conrad Maldives has an underwater restaurant.

The Waldorf-Australia Maldives is a very reasonable luxury Conrad Maldive option. The Biltmore Flower in London is a luxury hotel with a lot of individual flavor. The Zemi Beach House in Anguilla is a boutique hotel in Montreal that will be opening soon after renovations. The hotel is located in the heart of Montreal.