Hilton Guide to Maximize Your Travel Rewards

By Gavin | August 11, 2023

Three years ago, we started our journey with Hilton Honors. In the meantime, we've spent over 500 nights and precisely 200 Hilton Hotels across 40 countries. In the beginning, we had absolutely no idea what the Hilton loyalty state is entitled or how to really earn Hildnana's points.

A Lesson Learned Should Be A Lesson Shared

But we've learned a lot in time. A lesson learned should be a lesson shared. So here we go. I will give you my insight and share my experience with you.

You will receive 10 tips on how to maximize earning Hilton Honors points. It's coming before talking about how to gain points, let's first understand the value of points. Friends of mine always start laughing about me when I start to talk about points, but in the end it's a currency like the dollar or the euro, with one important limitation: it's only valid in the Hilton world.


My friends stop laughing, by the way, when we spend our vacation only in high-end hotels, spend zero dollars and get insane upgrades. If Hilton points are like a currency, they must have an exchange rate, and they really do. Several times per year you can buy directly from Hilton honest points with an exchange rate of 0.5% (dollars per point). So it means if you want to exchange 100%, you get 20%0% for that, and that's their value. Why is that? Well, for me, it's their value because if I use points, I can buy the points back for exactly this price.

So I try to use them to get a higher value than the rate I get for buying them. Let's make an example. Let's assume the room you want to buy is at $100 or at $10 000 points. What would you do? Well, you can either take your $100 and book the room for one night, and here you or you take the $100, exchange them in $20 000 points, and book the same hotel for the same room for two nights. It's a nobrainer. What to do? Now let's earn some points.

Hilton Diamond Member Tip Number 1 - Get Diamond Status

tip Number 1 Get to Diamond status as quickly as possible. independently on your status, you receive $10 points for each and every dollar you spend at a hidden property, taxes excluded, which are the so-called base points. depending on the Loyalty status you have, you can earn additional points on top. If you have the diamond status, you get 10 additional points, making it total 20 points for each and every dollar you spend at the property. Additionally, Diamond Members receive in most Hilton Brands a thousand Hilton points per stay, which have a value of $5 dollars.

Hilton Hotels - 4 Tips to Help You Earn More Points

Not too bad, and this leads me to tip number two, the hotel more often. That's not possible everywhere, and sometimes the effort doesn't speak for that at all, but sometimes it's a great idea, especially if the hotels are next to each other and if not you see different areas of the city with every switch. We do that lot. tip Number 3) subscribe for the current promotion. usually Milton always offers promotion, which gives you additional points for nothing more, but a subscription click. At the moment, there are two promotions running, one which doubles your base points, which means you get 30 points in total for each dollar you spent, and additionally you receive 2 000 points per stay if you check out on a weekday.

The second promotion doubles your night counts, which allows faster status achievements and also unlocks certain bonus points. I will link both promotions in the description below. tip number 4: Charge everything to your room. When we are at Hilton Hotels and decide to spend money at the hotel beat for the restaurant, the bar or the, we always charge it to the room and pay it at the end.

Hilton Travels - Top Five Tips for Hilton Travelers

Every additional dollar on thefolio will give you additional points. In the tip number five, get a credit card if you're in the US and are into Hilton Travels, you literally must get the American Express Aspire card. This card comes with a bunch of benefits.

It gives you Diamond status right away and gives you additional 14 points for each and every dollar you spend at a Hilton property, and here taxes are included, which even increases the value of this card. It comes with a lot more benefits and is definitely worth the money. At the moment I receive each and every month round about $25 000 Hilton points, which are value $125 dollars. It's a nobrainer to have this card, but even if you live in Germany, you can get a Hilton Visa card from dkb. It costs $4.8 euros and gives you two points for each dollar you spend at a Hilton property and one point for each dollar spent everywhere. I link both cards in the description below.

Tips to Maximize Hilton Points Earnings

Just in case tip number (6), check the two time point rates. often it is way more expensive than the benefit you get, but in a few cases you pay just one or two dollars more for double your base points, and if my benefit is higher than what I pay for, then I would go for that. So let's say, I pay $2 dollars more. I want to achieve at least 400 additional points. tip number 7) Check out the example program. That's one of very few third-party programs which allows you to get all the benefits from your status and additionally gives you 100 dollars credit for expenditures at restaurants and bars per stay.

Plus, it doubles your base points once more. Unfortunately, this program is limited and has in its portfolio only the high-class brands, namely World of Astoria, Conrad and Alex, are. If you want to know more, comment in the section below. tip Number 8: Connect your Hilton account with Lyft if you are in the U.S. and need a ride. replace Uber with Lyft and get three points for each dollar spent on lift rights and two points for each dollar spent on shared lift rights.

It won't be a mega booster, but hey, why not get the points? You need the ride anyway, right? tip #9: Join the Hilton Honors Dining Program-- again something limited to the US, and even their website is accessible only out of the United States. If you die in an eligible restaurant, bar or club and pay with a credit card you've registered for the program, you will receive two, five, or eight Hilton honest points for each dollar you spend. It's a great way to earn additional points even if you are not staying at a Hilton tip number -10:: Check your point earnings regularly. After spending around $500 nights at Hilton Hotels. mistakes can happen, and they happen regularly. In some cases, I was missing even several tens of thousands of points, which, if you calculate the value, are multiples of fifty dollars.

A mail to the help desk might be annoying, but brings back your missing Hilton points bonus tip -- stay in Hilton's for business trips. As you get reimbursed by your company, you collect a bunch of points for zero dollar private expenditures. That's a great ratio, isn't it? If these tips were useful to you to maximize your Hilton Point earnings, subscribe to this channel, give it a big thumb-up, and tell me in the comment section below what would be helpful to you to know.


Three years ago, we started our journey with Hilton Honors. In the meantime, we've spent over 500 nights and precisely 200 Hilton Hotels across 40 countries. In this video, I will give you insight and share my experience with you. A lesson learned should be a lesson shared. "We've spent more than 500 nights in hotels across 40 nations. In fact, we have spent more time in hotels than we have in any other hotel in the world."