Dream Vacation Within Reach: Maldives Using Hilton Points

By Gavin | August 12, 2023

All right, this is a good one. Let's get you and your significant other $90 discount on a weeklong vacation in the Maldives. okay, so why the Maldives? I think I use my Hilton points for "apirational trips", but you can really use points for, uh, day-to-day trips locally, trips with your family. You can maximize on cheaper hotels or you can save them all up, like I do, and go for an ideal trip. You know, once a year, once every couple years.

I'm going to talk about bonuses that you get for signing up for cards, bonuses that you get for refer people to cards, points that you can acquire with the card status that you get through the cards, airline upgrades and bonuses, and discounts, lounge access, concierge access, insurance. There's a lot of things that come with this particular setup.


So stay tuned. okay, what you'll need for this particular example, or only two things: You need two people and you need a little bit of time. So what my slides are going to show are current bonuses offered by these cards--uh, current referral bonuses that are offered by these cards and the amount of points you'll need for your vacation. So let's get into it.

Hilton Honors Strategy Game - Two-Player Strategy Game

So this is a two-player strategy player. One signs up for the Hilton Honors card, which I've linked below in my description. then player one refers player two. When player (2) signs up for the card, player one gets a points bonus. Player 2) then refers Player 1) for the next level Hilton card, and this goes on until each person has three Hilton carts.

As you can see, the points just keepaccumulating. This is the American Express page detailing the referral bonus. As you can see, there's a 15,000-point referral bonus offered for each successful referral, which I've highlighted right here. I hear two things all the time: won't having a bunch of credit cards lower your credit score? No, it doesn't, and you can actually check that out online. And secondly, what are the requirements for getting these cards? So I'll show you that right now, so stick with me here. I'm going to show you the details for each card. First is the Hilton Honors American Express card.

Hilton Bonus Points - Spend 1,000 Dollars Within the First Three Months to Receive 80,000 Bonus Points

You need to spend 1,000 dollars within the first three months to receive 80,000 Hilton bonus points. At worst, you earn three points per dollar spent on the card. So let's just say you spend your thousand dollars. That equals 3000 points plus you get your $80 000 bonus. You have 80 3,000 points at minimum.

The second card, the Hilton Honors American Express, surpass card says: spend two thousand dollars within the first three months and you'll receive a hundred and thirty thousand Hilton bonus points. same thing. At worst, you're going to get three points per dollar. So six thousand points plus the hundred and thirty thousand for the bonus you get at minimum (136 000 points).

And then finally, the Hilton Honors American Express (Aspire card), same sort of structure. spend $45,000 dollars in the first three months, you receive a hundred and fifty thousand Hilton Honors bonus points. At worst, three points per dollar spent. So twelve thousand spend points plus a hundred and fifty thousand bonus points equals at least 162 000 points.

Hilton Honors American Express Credit Cards

Now this page shows you the breakdown of each card and how they compare. You can search American Express Hilton Credit Cards and this will pop up, and this is where you can see the categories of spend on each. At minimum, you get three times per dollar spent. But if you're going to the gas station or you're dining out or going to the grocery store, you have all these other multipliers which give you more points per dollar.

So I get it. That's a lot of information. You're probably thinking credit cards aren't free. How much is all this going to cost me?. Here's the total cost for this example. Hilton Honors American Express card has a zero dollar annual fee. This card is free for anyone. The next level card, the surpass card, has a $9.9 annual fee. and finally, the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire card. Their top-tier card has a $450 dollar annual fee. So in the first year, player one is going to spend $54.5 dollars on annual fees. Player 2) is also going to spend $54.5 dollars on annual fees, and this isn't taking into account all of the other benefits you get with the card. The top-tier card is going to give you hundreds of dollars back into different areas.

Hilton Honors Points - A Two-Player System

Thanks for watching up to this point. Please click the like button and subscribe for more videos. Now I want to share my screen on hilton.com, and this is what shows you that you can pool points with friends or family. So this is why this two-player system works. Player one and player (2) can put their points together to do a dream vacation.

To recap, here's how many points player one will receive and here's how many points player 2 will receive. remember, this is absolute minimum. You're probably going to get more points than this. Player 1 plus player 2. Pool their points together, they have a total of $837 000 Hilton Honors points. The stay at the Conrad Hilton Sunrise Water Villa is a hundred and 20,000 points per night. That's hoping you'll get to the 840 000 point mark. So that's seven free nights in one of these over-water villas in the Maldives. To book nights using points, just search the Hilton website.

As you see here for March 2023, there's wide open availability for redemptions, so I looked it up and you can too. The normal dollar cost for seven nights in an above water villa at the Conrad and the Maldives is over 10,000 dollars. This two-player example, just to get the cards, is going to cost you 1,000-90 dollars between the two of you. So you're saving $90 on a dream vacation for a week.

Like I mentioned earlier, you don't have to use your points for this. It's 800,000 points so you can use them on your local trips, on your trips within the United States, on your trips with your family. That's a lot of nights in a Hilton property. I linked most of the stuff down in my description so you can check it out if you like this video, there's another one right here.


Hilton points can be used for day-to-day trips, family trips, or for a more ideal vacation. The Hilton Honors card offers discounts, lounge access, and concierge access. The points are available for a weeklong vacation in the Maldives. The card is available on a two-person team, the bonus is $90 per person per week. The point pool is $1,000. The hotel is $2,000 per person, the points pool is$1,500. The airline is $3,000 a year. The credit card is $5,000 for a two-person team, it's $5k a year for a 4-person team, $6,000 on a 6-person group.